Hey Stranger

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Isn’t it amazing — how some words can spark recognition or give comfort? how beautifully these lines were crafted, striking at universal truths, so as to sound familiar even to a complete stranger?

This kind of books is my favorite to read. I keep them close to me, considering their pages and their authors my closest friends and my role models. This is the writing I most aspire to.

Through this blog, I explore writing as a profession, a passion, and most importantly, a therapy. I constantly overthink, but somehow, once I put these thoughts into words, they lose their power to overwhelm me.

I hope that you find an old friend in these words. If you are like me — held hostage by thoughts and feelings, demanding their stories be told — then I am sure you will.

Here are some of my favorite posts. Check them out and let me know what you think. 😉


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