The sunset sky today was breath-taking. It was a fiery red capped by cool purple. With colors so bright, it looked like war in the sky. The clouds did away with the subtle change of shades. Today, night and day met vividly at midpoint.

It was such a beautiful sky, it literally made me stop as I walked across the bridge. I felt lucky to have witnessed it, as though it were a miracle.

The image reminded me of the man-made sunsets in Eoin Colfer’s “Artemis Fowl” Each sunset is made prettier that the last, made from sulfur and other gases — as though counting off the few remaining days the world will see the sun set; as though celebrating man’s ability to create better sunsets, all because man has destroyed Earth’s capacity for natural wonders.

It won’t be the last vivid sunset. Yesterday, I saw a photo of a fiery sunset on Facebook, as if fires had broken lose in heaven. This wonder was made possible by man’s pollution. All of our trash and waste go up to the skies. And we stop and marvel at its beauty, as if our garbage is anything noble.

It’s scary, to be at this point in time where our mistakes create something beautiful. We can’t be allowed to believe that there is any hope of salvation on our wrongs.


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