Hey, stranger! I’m Nyx, and I’m almost a quarter of the way through life. But really, it feels like I’m just starting — establishing a career, finding my passion, only now discovering my talents, etc.

I am the third of four children, siblings whom I love dearly, although that wasn’t always the case. In the span of three years, I had lost both my parents, in brutal battles against cancer. Although we lost these two fights, they have brought our family close and bridged the wide gap between us and our parents, and between us siblings.

Even though this is not my (or anyone’s) preferred method, my parents still made sure that our family is going to be okay before leaving us. Funny how that is.

As I write this, I am surprised to find myself so family-oriented. Three years prior, I would have written about my school, my work, my ambition, and my advocacies. Perhaps, in another three years, I’ll be a completely different person still. And it will be a pleasure documenting that metamorphosis here.

Through this blog, I explore writing as a profession, a passion, and most importantly, a therapy. I constantly overthink, but once I turn thoughts into words, they always lose their power to overwhelm me. I’ll try to focus on motivational things and tackle social issues in this blog. But with a mind as cluttered as mine, who knows what will find its way here. My mess won’t be pretty all the time, but one thing’s for sure, it will be truthful, and my mess will be my own.

So that’s my story. Hope you enjoy picking my brain next! See you around. 😉


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