Nations that measure wealth through people’s happiness
     not political influence, not economic progress,
Companies that prioritize employees’ quality of life
     over return on investment, over stock prices, over profit,
Artists and musicians who have freedom in their craft,
     not hungry, not homeless,
Storytellers who touch hearts and blow minds,
     undefined by some arbitrary list,
Mothers who have children and careers,
     not thought negligent for climbing the corporate ladder,
Same-sex couples who hold hands in public,
     marry, adopt children — without second glances.

There is much the world has to remedy,
     how beautiful life can be.
Without this broken system we helped foster,
     with active prejudice, with passive indifference.

Soldiers of equality rise.
We struggle for change,
     squirm and crawl,
     whatever movement possible,
     however little space there is.

This noble fight, a beautiful struggle,
     makes life worthwhile.





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