Become a Dreamer

The human soul craves for nothing more than happiness. But this inherent human truth is so contrary to today’s upbringing. In our culture, security is the goal, predictability paved the road, and logic is the tool.

As a result, you’ve become a practical person. You choose activities you will definitely excel in. You shy away from anything that could possibly embarrass you or damage your superior reputation. You go to college and pick the major that will please your parents and make money. You follow rules. You dot your i’s and cross your t’s. You figured, your natural talents should lead you to your happiness. Right?

But it doesn’t. Somewhere along the way, you compromise. Then it becomes a habit to choose what is practical over what feels good.

Getting lost and searching for what you want to do with your life — that thought alone feels dirty, like sin, an indulgence. But you also know, that until you finally do it, every day will be a chore.

Your internal compass is going berserk. It will give you no choice but to throw your life upside down until you wake up to the truth that your comfort zone, while easy, is not your happiness.

And you deserve better. You deserve to be happy.

So prioritize your happiness today. Become a dreamer and find your passion. 

It will be difficult. If you think about the probabilities, they are undoubtedly against you. There are a thousand reasons why it wouldn’t work. But do it anyway. It’s an infinitely more important lesson to teach yourself, your kids, your friends, and your parents that it’s okay not to want an easy life, but a good one. Wouldn’t it suck to be at the end of your life and realize you’ve lived the wrong one this whole time? There are no do-over’s on that.

If you do what you love, you will inevitably excel at it. People will notice. Okay, worst case scenario, no one notices, you will be happy anyway. So choose to be happy! Continue pursuing your passion until the world has no choice but to pay attention. Be persistent and unrelenting.

Don’t even worry about your bills. The human person is steadfast and pliant. If people can survive with nothing, you can manage without a few things. That seems like a smaller sacrifice, compared to being depressed and unhappy. But really, there is enough practicality in your bones now to help you make smart decisions. So invest in dreaming this time. Remember, the higher the risk, the greater the return. That’s logical, isn’t it?

Your happiness is more important than your convenience. For what is comfort if it does not truly give you satisfaction? It only gives you right to be lazy and enough time for that dreadful nagging feeling that something is truly wrong with your life. Live a fulfilled life! Find what it is that you were uniquely and especially designed to do on earth.


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