A Letter Too Late

Dear Mom and Dad,

It’s been years since I’ve last written you a letter. The last was probably a Valentine’s card, when I was 10? That would be more than 10 years ago now. Far too long. Far, far too long.

As my letters usually go, this will be soul-baring and embarrassing. For me at least; for you, this will be nothing short of enjoyable. (Wink.)

Please know that I love you, with all my heart. I know I have not said it often enough. So here, I try to really make it count when I do. I do, truly, love you.

We have had our differences, naturally. And still, I would be nothing if not for you. You are amazing parents. You may not have been by my side throughout. Mom, I know that you deeply regret that; but don’t. After all, you were busy working hard so you can give us the best life possible. It’s not just that though. You have been amazing role models, and you continue to be. I am proud of the person I have become and continue to grow into. And everything that I am, I have become because of you. Although I am far from perfect, but I think I make a pretty good human being. 

You have taught me to be independent and self-sufficient, to stand on my own two feet and work hard. You have taught me to be a person of integrity, to be kind and fair, and to always try to stand up for what is right and correct the wrong. You have made me strong and brave, so that I can rally through tough times. And I continue to try wrapping my head around the idea that I am capable of doing anything that I can dream of. You have to be patient with me on that one.

I hope that you are proud of me too. And if so, please be proud of yourselves too. I know that you seldom take credit and you never expect praise, but you have earned and you deserve all the credit, and much more. I will continue to earn praises for you as I try to equal the wonderful lives you’ve lived.

Sending all my love to Heaven,


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